The How To Be A Woman & Not Give A Fuck Workshop


Being a woman comes with so many pressures to give all the fucks, all the time. But here’s the real secret: giving less fucks means living more life. Airial’s definition of woman includes trans women, genderqueer and non-binary femmes, and folks who are femme of center. Not giving a fuck means we decide what to care about. We decide what our priorities are. It means we can be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally free to live our lives as we choose. No more faux-empowerment that gaslights and victim blames. No more fighting to fit in to social structures that belittle our lived experiences.
In this 2 hour workshop with Airial Clark, MA, participants will immediately implement strategies that support women in preventing compassion fatigue, addressing invisible labor, avoiding professional burnout, setting boundaries, effectively counter gaslighting and building intersectional solidarity. In the workshop there will be Women not giving a fuck means they are unapologetic for being their bad-ass selves!

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Testimonials from workshop participants:
  • “My experience was of a person teaching from a deep place of compassion, unvarnished truth telling, smart structural analysis, sharing her reality/mindframe because it can be useful to others, creating a space for women to tell truth, be believed, be unapologetic, and change their fuck giving practices by choice to be more free. Her definition/how she holds “don’t give a fuck” is about being unapologetic. Unapologetically not giving the fucks you don’t want to give, choose not to give. I would recommend as a great workshop, for the already advanced not-fuck-giver, and those with a lot of fucks to stop giving, alike.”
  • “Learning how ‘Not to Give a Fuck’ was surprisingly fun. I enjoyed being around other women at play, not knowing what the hell we were doing, but really excited to engage with one another. It was really easy going, which I liked. The resources I received along with the homework was helpful to start my journey to really not give a fuck, something that really needs to happen.”
  • “Working with Airial has truly revolutionized the way I show up to hold empathy for myself and others. I no longer feel the need to rationalize anyones bad behavior or take someones disrespect personally. Knowing how to not give a fuck has empowered me to show up as more of who I truly am and drop the conditioned roles that the world tells me I should be. Bringing women together to teach them how to support each other and themselves in this process, is healing an old and ugly wound. Thank you Airial for being such a courageous role model by standing up to oppression, taking the power back and teaching others to do the same!”
Airial Clark, MA is a San Francisco Bay Area-based parenting coach and sexual health educator. She began facilitating parent support programs as an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley where she graduated with a double major in Anthropology and English Literature while raising her two sons as a queer, single parent. She then went on to earn her Master’s degree in the social justice focussed human sexuality studies program at San Francisco State University. In 2012, she created an international sexual health and parent education resource: The Sex-Positive Parent.  Over the last six years, Airial has supported thousands of parents and families of all shapes and sizes become more informed and empowered when teaching their children about boundaries, consent, gender and sexuality.

In October 2017, Airial created another intersectional empowerment resource: How To Be A Woman & Not Give A Fuck. This workshop series exists to support all women in countering gendered expectations that impact women negatively. She focuses on the diverse lived experiences of all women in order to effectively address invisible labor, compassion fatigue and gaslighting in both personal and professional settings. To date, Airial has led over 700 SF Bay Area women through the How To Be A Woman & Not Give A Fuck workshop series. And now her ‘Freedom to Not Give A Fuck’ North American Workshop Tour begins June 2018 and includes cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can learn all about everything Airial at


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