G-Spots and Female Ejaculation for Couples


The G-Spot does exist and everyone who has one has the potential to ejaculate! Learn the anatomy, tools and techniques to find the G-Spot and broaden your orgasmic repertoire. Often questioned, but easier to find then you might think, the G-Spot offers new sexual possibilities. Sex Educator Tara McKee will take you on a fun and educational journey through this often mysterious “spot.” Great for those who have one and/ or want to find the g-spot on someone else.

With Tara McKee.

All genders welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on workshops are FINAL.

Participant Reviews

  • “Content was thorough, informative, and the class was comfortable. I learned how to stimulate the g-spot, about different types of sex toys best suited for g-spot stimulation, and where exactly the g-spot is.”
  • “I learned lots about toys, g-spot ejaculation, arousal positions, and techniques.”
  • “The anatomy and video was helpful. The puppet helped for learning where the g-spot is and how to stimulate it.”
  • “I learned about where to find the G-spot and how to activate it.”
  • “I enjoyed everything. Tara was very detailed and thorough. The diagrams and video were very helpful.”
  • “The demonstrations were very helpful for someone like me, who is a visual learner. I learned a lot about that “uncomfortable peeing feeling” and to work towards being okay with it.”
  • Tara is a skilled presenter – lots of info clearly presented. She covered a great deal of material and the pace was good. The video was very well chosen to illustrate her info. Also, the diagrams on the handouts. She was very entertaining as well!”

$65 per couple

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Sex Educator Tara McKee will take you on a fun and educational journey through this often mysterious “spot”. She will also address the ejaculatory fluid and discuss answers to the question of “what is it actually, and where does it come from?” Great for those who have one and/ or want to find the g-spot on someone else.

With Tara McKee.

All genders welcome.

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