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Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi' and Wil

This groundbreaking feature documents the intensely sexual relationship of dynamic lovers Wil & Papi'. Who are they, you ask? Two polyamorous, gender-bending bedroom buddies who identify as fluid "trans entities"and have fun slipping back and forth between gender roles. Part introspective documentary, part serious S&M sex fest, this sweet and nasty flick includes 3 super-charged scenes. In the first we get to see our lovebirds play in an intimate and unadorned fashion. The second brings another play partner, Chris, into the fun. And the third includes plenty of props and dressed-up hijinks. All the scenes are allowed to play out naturally with no direction, lots of role-play and plenty of real-live screaming orgasms. Wil & Papi' are experts at the art of Sensuous Magic and tend to play rather hard. Get ready for collars & leashes, face slapping and some breathtaking torture. All of it is done safely and consensually of course. And lucky for us it's nicely shot with multiple camera angles and flattering lighting. Get ready for a spankin' good time!

Bonus: Diverse cast!
Dir. Morty Diamond. Approx. 55 min.

Winner of the 2008 Good For Her Feminist Porn Award for Most Tantalizing Trans Film  

Winner of the 2008 Good For Her Feminist Porn Award for Deliciously Diverse Cast

Average: 3.3 (3 votes)
Feminist Porn Award Winner

Winner of a Good For Her Feminist Porn Award!

Great for couples

Great for couples

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