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Shopping for a Dildo

A dildo is an elongated toy that is intended for vaginal or anal penetration.  They are great for solo play and can be used in combination with other toys such as clitoral vibrators and/or butt toys.  They are also wonderful to use with a partner.   Dildos can be shaped from many different materials and might be soft, firm, curved, straight, bumpy or smooth according to your preference.  Some toys are quite realistic, others come in fun colours or unusual materials and are not meant to resemble a penis.  Popular materials for these toys include silicone, glass, stainless steel, elastomer and cyberskin.  Dildos are available in such astounding variety that it can be difficult to choose which is best for you.   We hope this handy guide will make your decision much easier. 


Shopping for a Dildo


Silicone is an ideal material for toys as it is flexible, soft and smooth.  It also warms up to body heat, can be boiled for sterilization and is non-porous (so no lube or bacteria can be absorbed). Silicone is an expensive raw material and the dildos are shaped through a labour-intensive process that must be done by hand.  These toys are therefore often produced by small businesses who pay their employees fairly.  This does make silicone toys more expensive than some other options but the quality is also far superior.  In fact, if taken care of properly, they will last you a lifetime and save you money in the end. Most of our soft dildos are made of silicone.

If a toy advertises itself as "silicon" or made of a "silicone blend", this means that most likely it is porous, cannot be boiled and is of an inferior quality compared to a 100% silicone toy.  The Mustang

Vixskin Silicone: is an innovative dual-density style of silicone that has a firm inner core with a super-soft, realistic-feeling outer layer.  One very popular toy made from this material is The Mustang; it has a fairly average length and width with a pronounced head for extra stimulation. 

Vixskin might be the way to go if you want to experiment with using a larger toy.  Many customers have noted that larger sized toys are easier to accomodate when made from Vixskin as the soft texture is more yielding and comfortable during penetration.

Elastomer is a fabulous inexpensive alternative to silicone and many large scale toy manufacturers are now using it.  It is somewhat porous and unlike silicone it will eventually break down and need to be replaced.  it is, however, soft, non-toxic (does not contain phthalates) and latex-free.  These are all great features to have at an inexpensive price point.  The Realistic Suction Cup is a great example of this type of toy.

Rubber/Latex dildos are soft and inexpensive. They are great for those who want to experiment with something new or see what size of dildo is right for them.  We recommend using them with condoms as phthalates (a softener used in jelly/latex toys) had been proven to be toxic.  You can usually identify a toy that contains phthalates by the strong chemical odor.  Good For Her no longer carries this type of toy.

Glass/acrylic is a great option for someone who wants something beautiful, durable and easy to clean.  Glass can provide very firm pressure which is especially great for  g-spot play.  It also has a nice weighted feeling which some people quite enjoy.  These toys are clear, non-porous and great for temperature play.  You can run them under warm or cool water for extraordinary sensation.  The Blue Swirl is a popular choice with it's added texture and colour.  Glass Dildos are generally not harness compatible.

Njoy Pure Wand
Stainless Steel offers pressure and weight that is unparalleled by other materials. It is also non-porous, sterilizable and worthy of leaving on your coffee table! The Njoy Pure Wand is a toy that will find your g-spot without fail.


LengthThe Rex

If you like your cervix stimulated, then look for toys 6" or longer like the Bandit or the First MateThe Spur and Rex 1 are good choices for those who do not want their cervixes stimulated.  For larger-sized folks who may not be able to get a dildo all of the way in, especially with a harness, a longer dildo often works better.  For anal play, as long as the toy is soft, length makes little difference. For male-bodied people, the prostate is within 3" inside the rectum and for female-bodied the perineal sponge or G-Spot  is 2" inside, and will receive at least some stimulation by any size dildo.


Make sure your eyes are not wider than your vagina!  The average width of a dildo is 1.5" wide, though many people prefer going on the smaller or larger side of average.  The Woody is a popular, average-sized dildo, and one of our best sellers. A beginner with anal play may require something thinner such as The Mistress.  Toys that have ripples that vary in width offer more intensity and sensation. A great example is the Glass Cascade Dildo. The Tantus Curve also has some great texture and a curvy shape without being too ridge-y.

ShapeThe Jet Vibrating Dildo

A dildo with a base is absolutely essential for anal play.  For harness play, a thick, wide base is also most practical. 

Dildos with testicles offer not only a look, but also extra stimulation on the upper pubis (a.k.a. the mons) and clitoris for the harness wearer.   The Jet is a great dildo for dual pleasure in a harness.

The Tango Double Dildo

Double-ended dildos double your pleasure!  Ones that fit in a harness, such as The Tango are designed for women to wear inside for g-spot and clitoral stimulation as well as for penetration of her partner. Those that are not designed for harness use such as the Njoy Pfun Wand offer two dildos in one with different options for varying stimulation on either side.


Vibrating dildos offer additional stimulation,although some people do find them to be numbing when left vibrating internally.  Other people find that vibration can increase blood flow and arousal - it all depends on your own experience.  Some of our bestselling vibrating dildos are The Shaft and The Leo.

G-Spot The Bandito

If you are looking for a dildo especially for G-Spot stimulation, you'll be looking for something with a prominent curve that will rub the anterior wall of the vagina.  Dildos like the Pure Wand and the Curve are especially designed to hit the sweet spot.  For dills that can be used with a harness, check out The Bandito.

PackingMr Right Packing Dildo

Packing Dildos are soft enough so that they can be worn under clothes as a "package". Most packing dills, like the Mr. Right are not practical for penetration, although some like the Shilo Pack and Play can be used for penetration as well.

Dildos offer an amazing world of sensation so experiment and try different things.  We hope this guide has been a helpful tool and gotten you a little closer to finding the best toy for you!


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