Satisfyer Pro 2

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Already have several toys and looking for something completely different? The Satisfyer Pro 2 offers reliable and unique sensations. Like the Womanizer Pro40 and Womanizer Plus, the Satisfyer Pro 2 uses pulsating air to stimulate the clitoris. Great for those who are sensitive to direct clitoral touch, the silicone head does not actually touch the clitoris. It surrounds it instead, offering a more indirect but no less intense sensation. Its waterproof design means that it is even more intense when used with lube or underwater and  is also thus easy to clean without worry of getting water into the motor. The body-friendly silicone head is soft and removable for convenience and comes with two heads which makes it easy for sharing. USB rechargeable with a Lithium-ion battery, there is no need to search for batteries in order to play. One charge will last 30 minutes where you can cycle through 11 intensity levels. While the intensities do not feel very different, they start at a higher frequency than those of the Womanizer, ensuring that even those of us hard to please through to orgasm finally have a comparable alternative to the Original Magic Wand. Ergonomic handle is easy to hold and comfortable.

To use it, push the small button to turn the Satisfyer Pro 2 on or off. The new Next Generation model has + and – buttons to increase the intensity or lessen the suction as needed. This is a wonderful upgrade to an already amazing toy.

Also works well on the frenulum of the penis and nipples of any gender.


  • Made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
  • Waterproof
  • 6.5″ long
  • 1.8″ wide
  • Rechargeable with included magnetic USB charger
  • 150 minute charge gives 30 minutes of pleasure
  • 11 pressure wave settings
  • 365 day money back guarantee and 10 year warranty

Not sure whether to choose the Womanizer Plus, Womanizer Pro40, Satisfyer Penguin or Satisfyer Pro 2?

Satisfyer Penguin: New improved buttons to cycle through power levels easier but still not really waterproof.

Womanizer Plus or Womanizer Pro40: Two buttons for ease of going up and down in power, plus a power button to turn off or when you need intensity to go to the bottom in a hurry. More ergonomic handle and more intensity. Waterproof and 1 year warranty.

Satisfyer Pro 2: The new Next Generation model now includes + and – buttons to intensify or reduce suction. The noisiest of the three so you may wake the kids or the house-mates. Waterproof and works even better underwater, which also muffles the sound. Easier to clean the whole toy as it is submersible. But will only last for around 30 minutes on a charge. Not great for marathon sessions.

Bustle did a review of the Satisfyer 2 and found that: “I was immediately impressed by the sensations being transmitted to my clit from the no-touch vibrations of the Satisfyer. The first level was pretty calm and gentle, and each subsequent level went up at a nice interval so I could really get a range of intensity. I found that it was even nicer to push down on the head of it to get better suction and more intensity… It actually felt like something was touching me, but not in that overly intense way that can happen with some vibrating toys when they touch your clit directly.”

The Satisfyer Pro 2 made it into the list of 8 Best Toys of 2017 by Men’s Health Magazine

Product Care

To clean your Satisfyer, remove silicone cup and and clean with warm water and antibacterial cleansing lotion or a toy cleaner like Dream Clean or Diva Wash.  Clean the surface of the toy with a soft cloth and warm water plus toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. Dry the device before putting the silicone cup back on.

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