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Sex Stories

This lovable French film has the sauciest take on sex we've seen in quite some time.  Produced by the innovative Breaking Glass Pictures, Sex Stories is another of those rare films that successfully combine story with explicit sex.  This beautifully shot film is funny, witty and burstingly full of French flare.  Two groups of friends - one male, one female - have two separate lively dinner parties, where after some wine and good food the conversation inevitably takes a sexual turn.  People from both groups take turns describing their latest sexual escapades and we, the audience, are treated to the deliciously explicit flashbacks.  Most stories are told from two perspectives with surprisingly hilarious results.  One adventurous couple tries swinging but finds it to be problematic at best.  Another woman initiates a hot encounter at an adult movie theatre; and one man finds out that having a younger lover is not all it's cracked up to be.  The characters and story here are quite sophisticated and the perspectives on sex are shocking, enlightening, saucy and titillating.  When the night is through and the wine is all gone each character has learned a little something about their own sexual persona and what it means to be a good lover.  Highly recommended for anyone who values a good sexy story in the vein of Shortbus, 9 1/2 Weeks or All About Anna.  You can enjoy this one by yourself, with friends or with a special someone!


French with English subtitles.  All natural bodies.

Dir: Ovidie & Jack Tyler

Average: 2.2 (13 votes)
Price : $28.00 CAD

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