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FPA 2012 Nominees


The Nominees for the Seventh Annual Feminist Porn Awards are in!

The nominees on this year’s list continue to strive to provide erotic entertainment that is smart, sexy, and appreciates women as viewers.  In addition to featuring over 40 nominations, the 2012 nominee list includes the highest number of nominated websites ever at 16.

The nominated films for the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards show the true diversity of feminist porn - from the sultry art direction in Erika Lust’s cinematic masterpiece Cabaret Desire; to Buck Angel’s dynamic and insightful docu-porn Sexing the Transman; on to the raw sexual power in Hella Brown by breakout director Nenna; all the way to Tristan Taormino's fabulously informative and hotExpert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex; let’s not forget local talent N Maxwell Lander who draws us in with the sensuous short Emile.  These are all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the talent and sharp erotic eye of the feminist porn creators in the 2012 nominees list. 

These nominees are under consideration for categories including: Sexiest Straight Film, Hottest Trans Scene/Film, Most Deliciously Diverse Cast and many more.  The Nominees for the 2012 Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards are (in alphabetical order – film title first)




A Night at Kinky General

Kelly Shibari 

PaddedKINK/Severe Society Films 

Adventures of evil Dia

Dia Zerva & Jimmy Broadway

Severe Society Films

Anchor Anatomic

Courtney Trouble

Trouble Films

Babes in Bondage 4

Julie Simone

Julie Simone Productions


Jincey Lumpkin

Juicy Pink Box

Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF

Ian Sparks

Brazen Garage Squad LLC / Dolores Park Studios

Cabaret Desire

Erika Lust

Lust Films

Dirty Movie Deadline

JoyBear Pictures

JoyBear Pictures


N Maxwell Lander

N Maxwell Lander

Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex

Tristan Taormino

Vivid Ed

Extra Credit

Tristan Taormino

The Smitten Kitten

Fucking Different XXX

Maria Beatty, Courtney Trouble, Emilie Jouvet, Manuela Kay, Bruce La Bruce, Todd Verow, Jurgen Bruning, Kristian Petersen

Jurgen Bruning

FUCKSTYLES (of the queer and famous)

Courtney Trouble & Tina Horn

Trouble Films

Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

Jackie Strano & Shar Rednour

Good Releasing / Good Vibrations

Hardworking Girls

Lily Cade

Filly Films

Hella Brown


Feelmore Entertainment


Jincey Lumpkin

Juicy Pink Box

Julie Simone is a Dominatrix

Julie Simone

Julie Simone Productions

Live Nerd Girls

Lily Cade

Filly Films

Live Sex Show

Courtney Trouble

Trouble Films


JoyBear Pictures

JoyBear Pictures

Mommy Is Coming

Cheryl Dunye

Jurgen Bruning

Mouiller - Get Wet


Cherry Juiceboxxx Productions

Naked Love - Ea's Garden

Sarah Koppel

Koppel Animation

Padded Submissives

Kelly Shibari 

PaddedKINK/Severe Society Films 

Pervy Photographer

Ruby Day

Ruby Day Productions


Bren Ryder

Bren Ryder

Sexing the Transman

Buck Angel

Buck Angel Entertainment

Submissive Slut

Julie Simone

Julie Simone Productions

Switch Hometown Hotties

Carrie Gray

Carrie Gray

Switch Pride Live

Carrie Gray

House of Switch

Taxi Vol. 2

Jincey Lumpkin

Juicy Pink Box

The Female Voyeur

Petra Joy

Petra Joy Ltd

Last Tango

Nica Noelle

Mile High

The Masseuse

Nica Noelle

Mile High

The Thought of Her

Louise Lush

Indigo Lush Films


Jincey Lumpkin

Juicy Pink Box

Through A Looking Glass

Ripley Mirandola & Lolix

Bathysphere productions

Trans Women and Strap-Ons

Tobi Hill-Meyer

Handbasket Productions


Bianca Stone & Ned Mayhem

Mayhem Multimedia

Viscious strap on bitches

Julie Simone

Julie Simone Productions



Website Nominations: 


















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