Shopping for a Butt Toy

We’ve got some great videos to get you started once you’ve picked a toy! Here’s the first of two Cozy Conversations with Carlyle: Warming up to Anal Sex.


Shopping for a butt toy can be daunting, especially if this is your first foray into the exciting world of anal pleasure. First of all, we would like to highlight the importance of education to ensure safety and the highest degree of pleasure possible. For both novices and pros alike, here are some of our recommended DVDs and books specifically around anal play.



A crucial part of anal play is lube. The butt is not self-lubricating and a good, thick lubricant is will make anal exploration smooth, slick and way more comfortable than without. Maximus and Wicked Aqua Lube (for toys or just regular play) are popular anal lubes with a handy pump. Those who want something more natural enjoy Hathor Aphrodisia or Sliquid Organics Silk.

* a note on numbing agents: Good For Her does not carry numbing agents for anal play. This is because numbing creams and gels mask the body’s pain response which can in turn cause us to inflict physical damage because we can’t feel the pain that is telling us to slow down or stop. We’d encourage you to avoid these products.

Styles of Toys

Butt Plugs
This is a good starting place for many folks. They are designed to be left in place while the valley indentation holds them there. Some people like to put a vibrator against the base, others like to leave it in to relax against while they have other body parts pleasured.

The Pleasure Plug 2 is great for those who have already explored penetration with a couple of fingers.
The Rocky is great as a precursor to anal intercourse with a penis or a dildo.

Anal Beads
Anal beads are intended to be inserted into the anal canal and then pulled out slowly for the divine sensation of the anus opening and closing. Here are some of our bestselling anal bead options.

Flexi Felix is made of soft silicone with very lightly graduated beads.
The Small Ripple is firmer than most other beads, and can be inserted and pulled out with ease.
Njoy Fun Wand has double the options, with the beaded end specifically lovely for anal bliss while the other side is fabulous for the G-Spot or P-Spot.

These toys are designed for thrusting motions. It is important to go with a reasonable size (i.e. make sure your eyes are not wider than your anus!) and most people prefer a smooth toy for thrusting.

Silk Small – a small, smooth dildo that can be also be used in a strap-on.
Spur – another great beginner toy, very soft with a realistic shape and feel.
Mistress – a bit longer than the Silk and Spur, with a lovely head. Also comes in a vibrating version.

Vibrating Butt Toys
Vibrating toys can double the fun because they can be used on the outside of the anus first to relax the area and then add more pleasure once vibrating inside. Silicone Vibrating Butt Toys are especially versatile, and can be boiled in between uses, making them great to share, or to use vaginally as well.

Fuze Quattro – a silicone vibrator with nice curves that makes it great for prostate stimulation. Slim and good for beginners.
Lelo Loki – – fantastic for prostate play – this toy gives perineum and p-spot stimulation.
Fuze Velvet – A Good For Her staff favourite butt plug for play that leads up to anal intercourse.

Prostate Play
The prostate is on the front (anterior) wall of the rectum of a male-bodied person and can be felt relatively easily by inserting a well-lubed finger most or all of the way inside and pushing gently toward the bellybutton. The prostate feels like
a walnut inside of a little dip. Don’t worry if you go looking and aren’t sure if you’ve found it or not – he will know when you have found it!
There are an increasing number of toys on the market intended for prostate play. Here are some of out favourites:
The Aneros – great for hands-free sensation! Once the toy is inside, squeeze the anus closed and the toy gently presses against the prostate. Many report hands-free orgasms with the Aneros.
Njoy Pfun Plug is a great choice because its weight naturally stimulates the prostate when a man is lying on his stomach.


Silicone is an ideal material for anal toys as it is soft, super hygienic, sterilizable and long lasting. Silicone usually falls in the middle range of prices and, and is one of the most popular materials for sex toys.

Stainless Steel is super smooth but does not conform to our bodies’ natural twists and turns. The weight and silky suface of stainless still is best used by people with some experience with butt play and understand different sensations. Beginners should be prepared to be very slow and patient when using toys like these. Stainless Steel can also be sterilized and can be warmed or cooled gently. It also has the advantage of using its natural weight when placed on the prostate for example.

Glass is similar to Stainless Steel in some ways – very smooth, very slippery, great for temperature play, and also can be sterilized, and usually recommended for those who have experimented some with anal play before using. Glass is a safe and elegant material that offers targeted pressure in places that can feel good.

A Note on Safer Sex

Please note: even if you are sharing sexual fluids you still need to sterilize anal toys or use a condom when sharing anal toys in order to avoid passing bacteria between partners. We also highly recommend using a condom for anal intercourse.

Gloves: We love using gloves for added safety, ease of cleaning up and comfort for some. Good For Her carries non-latex gloves and black gloves are sexy and also camouflage any …mess that sometimes appear on fingers when they come out, especially on lighter-skinned folks.

More questions? Ask one of our trained, friendly staff for assistance at our store, or use our contact us form to get in touch, or come to the Anal Pleasure workshop!