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Womanizers Abound!

When we first got a Womanizer sample in 2015, of course we cringed at the name but tried to keep an open mind. It was a very different type of clitoral toy than traditional vibrators, but wow did it work well. Even the most skeptical among us as well as those of us hard-to-please were pleased! Now onto its 4th, 5th and 6th versions of the toy, it seems that there are too many to choose from. Add in the Satisfyer options and it can be hard to know which is your best bet! So here is a general rundown, from deluxe all the way to basic. And note that they are all rechargeable and waterproof and pretty much the same power and noise levels:

Womanizer Plus:

  • Ergonomic handle (good for those with arthritis or who need a longer reach)

    womanizer plus
    womanizer plus
  • Power button takes you back to the lowest setting (good for multiple orgasms)
  • Three buttons (one for on/off, one to increase and one to decrease; although power button is a bit of a farther reach from the others)
  • Most expensive
  • Has a light when it is on
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2 different sized heads

Womanizer Pro40:

  • Power button takes you back to the lowest setting (good for multiple orgasms)

    womanizer pro 40
    womanizer pro 40
  • Three buttons (one for on/off, one to increase and one to decrease)
  • All buttons are close together
  • Least expensive Womanizer option
  • Has a light when it is on
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2 different sized heads

Womanizer 2Go:

  • Travel-size (cologne- sized, not lipstick- sized)
  • One button control (means you have to go to the end or turn it off and then ramp back up when you want to decrease the power)
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2 different sized heads
  • Quietest (not by much)

Satisfyer Pro 2:Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Louder but not by much
  • Less expensive than Womanizer models
  • One button control (means you have to go to the end or turn it off and then ramp back up when you want to decrease the power)
  • No warranty

Satisfyer Penguin:

  • Super cute and compact
  • Least expensive option
  • One button control (means you have to go to the end or turn it off and then ramp back up when you want to decrease the power)
  • No warranty
  • Many anecdotes report that it stops working after several times of being submerged in water
  • Loudest, especially when not pressed against the body
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We’re Hiring a Mail-Order Representative

Play a key role in improving sex lives!

This position requires excellent attention to detail, efficient time management, flexibility, and great problem solving and customer service skills.  Candidates must be computer-literate and experienced in sexual health / education/ activism or sex work.  Must also be self-motivated, organized, and committed to anti-oppression and intersectional policies. Shifts require availability Monday-Friday 11-7 and occasional evenings and weekends.

We offer a competitive wage, full benefits and a rewarding, collaborative and progressive work environment.

Good For Her is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from people of colour, black and indigenous people, trans and non-binary folks and others who may contribute to the further diversification of our staff team. We ask that applicants please self-identify on their applications.

Stop by with resume and cover letter to 175 Harbord St. by June 16th at noon.

We thank individuals for applying, however, only applicants invited for interview will have their applications acknowledged.

Full job description here

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We’re 20 Years Old!

When we opened on May 31, 1997 it was a different world in the realm of sex than it is today in 2017.  Attitudes, laws, education and norms around sex have changed a lot. Here’s a little on what the industry looked like back then and how far we have come.

Flyer advertising the opening of Good For Her in 1997

In 1997 products and knowledge were very limited. The selection of vibrators and other toys was narrow. Vibrators were typically dollar-store quality, penis-shaped and usually beige with veins, made of latex or its variation “jelly”. Bigger was considered better. Packaging mostly consisted of scantily clad women in order to seduce the mainly men who were the purchasers of toys, especially in heterosexual relationships. There was little knowledge about safety in toys and eco-friendly was more of a fringe idea when it came to the “dirty” industry of sex. The only non-battery-operated toys were the Hitachi Magic Wand (still a classic and a favourite of many) and the Wahl.


Dildos were either the same veiny, latex and beige variety for the heterosexual crowd, or silicone and dolphin/ goddess shaped for the lesbian customer. Lubricants were a little more varied, but generally contained parabens, glycerin and tasted terrible, even (and especially) the flavoured ones.


Videos (yes, DVDs were not born yet!) were again generally in the domain of male producers and male customers, with pioneers Candida Royalle, Nina Hartley and Annie Sprinkle daring to include heterosexual women’s desires and tastes, Nan Kinney and Fatale Media catering to the lesbian viewer. The technology, expense and distribution (the internet was still in its infancy) of video production were financially risky and generally prohibitive for newcomers to enter the market.

In the last 20 years all of these industries have expanded, matured and innovated. Customers are better educated, demanding and diverse. The market has responded with a shift to more respectful, eco-friendly, body safe and durable quality products.


  • Brands who care about quality have become integral to the market with better-made toys with warranties for a year or more, aesthetic designs and sizes, made of body-friendly silicone.
  • Rechargeable is the new norm for vibrating toys.
  • Packaging has become more elegant to reflect the reality that sex has come out of the closet and into the mainstream.
  • Penis toys have evolved from the blow-up doll realism to silicone and body-safe variations that prioritize fabulous sensations and function over realism.
  • As shampoos and other body products have expanded to include more body-safe, organic products free of parabens and glycerin, so have lubricants. Even the big lubricant companies are coming out with “natural” options.
  • Video has turned to DVD and now to internet porn. While internet porn is no shy newcomer since it essentially built the World Wide Web, it has now all but killed the DVD. Since anyone can now make films, amateurs as well as professionals are creating porn. And people with a diversity of genders, sexes, orientations, ethnicities, sizes, abilities, kinks and fantasies are creating films that they want to see. Directors and performers can more easily reach and sell to their markets, no matter how “niche” through their home computers.  The Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards were born in 2006 as a way to acknowledge, celebrate and endorse films and filmmakers that are creating movies with feminist values of choice, respect, diversity and of course that are hot too. In 2017 it was rebranded as the Toronto International Porn Festival.
  • As for written erotica, it has exploded beyond the romance genre into many different categories. It now offers selections to very specific tastes from Lesbian Bondage Erotica to Tales of Exhibitionists, to Curvy Girls. And of course although kink erotica has always existed (The Story of O being one well-known example) the famous Fifty Shades of Grey has brought kink and women’s fantasies from the romance novel into the mainstream, and they toys and supplies to complement those fantasies.
  • The workshops we offer have expanded to reflect the desire for many folks to value and enhance their erotic lives. We still offer the ever-popular oral sex and orgasm workshops and also have workshops on specific aspects of kink, open relationships, body pride and flirtation skills.
  • Many taboos have become more mainstream such as anal pleasure, kink and non-monogamy. And then many people are still just trying to learn how to orgasm or how to communicate with their partner about their desires.
  • There is much more inclusion of trans people in mainstream media and the idea of older folks, fat people, folks with disabilities having and wanting great sex is no longer as radical an idea as it was 20 years ago. Consensual sex is also a much more common phrase that is used in schools and educational settings, the media and in bedrooms and beyond.

    We are excited to have seen a great shift in the industry to increased diversity, quality, eco-friendly and body-safe priorities. And we are glad to be a part of that revolution, proud of providing workshops and informal chats with customers who want to learn more about their bodies and how to have (even) better sex. May the trends continue and may we see another successful and ever- maturing 20 years to come!

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The Sex Goddess Project

It is so hard to find positive, diverse photos of people reveling in their sexuality. Fortunately there are photographers who are looking to change the landscape of erotic photography by bringing in a wider range of models simply enjoying themselves naturally. Ricardo Scipio is one such photographer who loves to show the world a much broader representation in his photos. His models include thin and plus-sized folks, white, brown and black people, straight and queer couples, and anyone else willing to show the world their sexiness. We’ll be offering a private viewing event of his photos on June 6-7. For access to see Ricardo’s work, email him at You won’t regret it and you might even be inspired to take your own clothes off more freely!

More info at

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We’re Hiring!

Join the Good For Her team! Make a difference in people’s sex lives!

We are looking for a Part-Time Administrative Coordinator for our fun, collaborative and socially progressive sex shop and workshop centre.

Candidates should have experience in sexual health,  education or sex work.  This position entails performing financial and administrative duties, including payroll, bookkeeping, filing, reconciliations, benefits and technology management as well as customer service relief.  We offer a competitive wage, full benefits and a collaborative and progressive working environment.

Candidates must also be self-motivated, organized, committed to anti-oppression and intersectional policies and be willing to work a flexible schedule.

Must be available Mon- Fri  until 7pm and occasional weekends.

Good For Her is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from people of colour, black and indigenous people, trans and non-binary folks and others who may contribute to the further diversification of our staff team. We ask that applicants please self-identify on their applications.

Interested? Awesome! Stop by with resume and cover letter to 175 Harbord St. by May 10th.

We regret that Good for Her is not fully accessible.

We thank individuals for applying, however, only applicants invited for an interview will have their applications acknowledged.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Good For Her Administrative Coordinator (AC)


The principal task of the Administrative Coordinator is to manage the the day-to-day coordination of the finance and administration of Good For Her.

The AC will provide customer service and staff relief when extra help is required.

The duties of the AC will include:


  • Prepares regular bill payments in a timely manner
  • Oversees filing and reconciling of invoices and receipts for cash, credit card and cheque payment using Quickbooks and ensures accounts are up-to-date
  • Initiates and sustains contact with suppliers regarding payment of invoices (advocates for Good For Her)
  • Oversees bank statement reconciliations
  • Calculates and prepares payroll cheques for staff (including vacation pay) and associated government remittances using Wagepoint
  • Keeps track of sick time used and remaining for staff
  • Anticipates and prepares cash requirements, performs bank deposits and pays government remittances
  • Addresses credit card chargebacks and disputes in a timely manner
  • Prepares end-of-year reports for owner to review and bring to the accountant



  • Prepares and maintains office files
  • Sorts and files GFH mail, paperwork, catalogues etc.
  • Prepares administrative and operations/finance related correspondence and paperwork
  • Anticipates and plans for administrative and financial requirements of the store including seasonal or special events (e.g. trade shows), physical reorganizations etc. and plans their time accordingly
  • Controls costs by ensuring adequate supplies are ordered without creating overstock
  • Liaises with suppliers regarding damaged stock and returns and ensures credits are issued for such returns
  • Files all video membership forms and keeps them up-to-date
  • Keeps up-to-date on webmail server and spam
  • Coordinates workshop mailing for regular mail and e-mail lists
  • Maintains equipment and needs of the store
  • Prepares signage for products, sales, trade shows, and workshops
  • Monitors the Good For Her affiliate program

Staff Support

  • Understands the software for all store computer needs and supports other staff with their needs and liaises with technical support as needed
  • Connects with floor manager and others to improve store functioning
  • Writes procedures for staff to follow and solicits feedback
  • Assists staff on administrative and financial issues


Benefits Coordination

  • Ensures payments of benefit invoices
  • Adds, removes and changes staff information in a timely manner with benefits company (Empire Life)
  • Assists staff on using the benefits package
  • Liaises with owner and manager on changes to the plan



  • Communicates clearly and respectfully within the team
  • Maintains regular communication with store manager and staff via personal communication
  • Incorporates an anti-oppression perspective into day-to-day work. Has awareness and knowledge about issues and experiences of racism, sexual abuse, violence, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism and other forms of oppression. The Administrator adheres to GFH equity policies and procedures.


Decision Making

  • Uses the supervision of the manager and owner effectively, seeking input or direction when needed.
  • Makes sound and timely decisions based on scope of responsibility
  • Consults with manager and/or owner when issues arise that are outside of the scope of responsibility or when unsure or would like feedback


Customer Service

  • Provides customer service and staff relief for breaks/ sick days/ when extra help is required. May be asked to work outside of regular shifts.
  • Is willing to work flexible shifts (days, weekends and evenings)
  • Other duties as required

Skills Summary:

  • Accuracy, thoroughness and exceptional attention to detail
  • Demonstrated effective interpersonal and communications skills
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills
  • Supports GFH policies around equity, anti-oppression and anti-racism
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to effectively handle multiple tasks without compromising quality, team spirit and positive working relationships with all colleagues
  • Flexibility with regard to work assignments
  • Maturity, dependability, reliability and initiative; Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Willingness to fill in for absent staff on short notice
  • Sense of confidentiality
  • Works with integrity, honesty, and ethics.
  • Proficiency with all GFH technology, websites, inventory systems, accounting and reconciling procedures, banking requirements
  • A positive (and sex positive), professional, approachable attitude


Lines of Reporting

The Administrator reports to the  owner.


Scheduling and Wages

The shift will be 3-5 days/week for an average of 25 hours/week.

May involve flexible shifts (days, weekends and evenings)

Pay is commensurate with experience

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Toronto International Porn Festival

Good For Her presents the Toronto International Porn Festival April 20 -23

Expanding the definition of sexy

From April 20 to 23, 2017, this 4-day festival dedicated to adult film will empower, celebrate, and offer a platform for people of all genders, sexualities, bodies and pleasures to discover progressive and positive erotic films.

As a response to the growth and popularity of independent and progressive adult films, the former Feminist Porn Awards have been rebranded to broaden the conversation and reflect the diverse audience it attracts.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema & The Great Hall

The Best of the Last Decade: Toronto International Porn Festival Review.
Thursday April 20 9:30pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor St W. Toronto
The finest films from the first ten years of the Feminist Porn Awards. A specially curated selection of our favorite films submitted to the FPAs from 2006-2015.

Friday April 21 7pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor St W. Toronto
Sex is almost always unpredictable. This curated selection of films submitted for 2017 peers into alternative surprising narratives of sex and lust.

The Kinkier Side of Lust
Friday April 21 9:30pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema 506 Bloor St W. Toronto
These films illustrate the unconventional side of lust, pleasure, and sex. We witness how, with courage, our true selves can emerge into public spaces.

Digital Play X – VR porn gallery
Saturday April 22
An immersive virtual reality porn experience surrounded by a diversity of porn classic shorts from the Toronto International Porn Festival. Talk with talent and producer Jiz Lee and Director Shine Lousie Houston

Toronto International Porn Festival Awards Gala
Sunday April 23 7pm at the Great Hall 1087 Queen St W, Toronto
Mingle with your favorite performers and directors as they vie for awards at the historic Great Hall. With short clips of the year’s most impressive films and stimulating live entertainment, the festival finishes in style with a sexy gala like no other.

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Cruising in 2017: A Primer for Men Hooking Up with Trans Men

Men who have sex with men (MSM) have always used a variety of methods for hooking up. These ways have changed with shifts in laws and law enforcement practices, societal acceptance and of course, apps. As Grindr and Scruff grow in popularity, the different populations using the apps are also growing. Many trans men, including those who used to frequent (queer) women’s spaces, are hanging out and cruising in gay male spaces and using apps that facilitate cruising. But MSMs have a lot of questions before meeting trans men online for sex and want to know how to respectfully navigate the similarities and differences of hooking up with trans men.

We asked Murphy Longley, a local gay trans man to facilitate a workshop for gay and MSM on hooking up with trans guys. Below is a primer for understanding the questions that cis (non-trans) MSM may have as well as short answers to those questions.  His workshop on April 4 will cover much more depth and create space for more nuanced answers with advice from his own experience to help educate others on cruising queer trans men in historically gay spaces.

1) What does FTM mean?

FTM stands for Female to Male, it’s a catchall for folks who were assigned female at birth and have transitioned either socially or medically (eg with hormones or surgery) to align with a more masculine gender presentation. Trans guys may also use terms like trans man, trans guy or describe their personal identity simply as trans-masculine.

2) Are trans men who have sex with men just gay guys?

Yes and no. There are definitely trans men who have sex with other men who would classify themselves as gay. But just as there are cis men who sleep with other men who may identify as bi, queer, panssexual or even straight, the same principle applies to trans men.

3) Do they still have vaginas?

Sometimes. But nobody wants to be reduced to body parts, and doing so for trans folks leads down the dangerous path to harmful bathroom bills. More on surgery in question #7.
4) Vaginal or anal sex?

All people have preferences for the types of sex that they like to have. Some like oral pleasure and others prefer kink or anal or massage. There is the same diversity of preferences in the FTM population as there are in any other population.

Gay and MSMs respectfully cruising transmen and FTMs

5) Can I get a trans man pregnant?

Yes, it is possible. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a common (and increasingly more accessible) tool for trans men to change physically such as facial hair growth, deepening of voice, fat redistribution etc. One other effect of HRT is to halt a menstrual cycle, but many trans men choose to not take hormones.  In addition, some trans men will undergo a hysterectomy as part of their medical transition, others may not. Everyone should be having frank conversations about safer sex and the trans community is no exception.

6) I am a gay man who bottoms (gets penetrated). So what would happen?

You’re in luck! Plenty of trans men love topping! Some trans men may be uncomfortable with their genitals or turned off at the idea of being penetrated, or simply enjoy being the penetrator. Strap-on penetration is incredibly safe (with proper care of your toys) and has the benefit of offering the choice of size and style of toys to fit any partner’s preferences.

7) What does top and bottom surgery mean?

Top and bottom surgery refer to procedures that can happen above and below the belt respectively to help align a trans person’s physical body with their gender identity. Top surgery typically amounts to a double mastectomy and/or chest reconstruction, whereas bottom surgery refers to many possible procedures below the belt. Trans men who haven’t opted for bottom surgery are often described as having their “original plumbing”.
8) Where can I meet trans men?

Most people do not like to feel fetishized, so seeking out trans men specifically to cross that option off your bucket list or out of curiosity would likely make most trans men feel uncomfortable and uninterested. Really, trans men are everywhere that cis men are, and trans men interested in sex with cis men will be in places where gay men are, including Grindr.
9) What pronoun do I use?

Never “she”. Often he/him pronouns will be the preference although many will opt for a gender neutral they/them pronoun.  However, self-identification is an important pillar in the trans community.  The only way to know for sure is to ask, respectfully.


10) If you are a trans man wanting to have sex with men, why did you transition??

Because I’m a man who likes to have sex with men. Specifically, men who like to have sex with other men.

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Talking to Your Partner about Sex

When it comes to talking about sex, how you approach the conversation is just as important as what you say during it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning a frank discussion about sex.


Watch your timing. Make sure you’ve cleared the air of any outstanding (non-sex-related) issues, like your frustration over chores that’ve been left undone, the fact that you haven’t gotten to spend enough quality time together recently, or how you hate that your partner is always, always late for rendezvous. Once issues like these have been resolved, make sure that you’ve let go of lingering resentments or anger. The last thing you want to do is to mix up a conversation about sex with a back-and-forth over who left that huge stack of dirty dishes in the sink.


Then, identify an opportune moment for an intimate talk. Here’s when not to instigate a discussion about sex: right before your parents arrive for dinner, during an argument, or when you’re actually in the middle of having sex. Instead, choose a moment in which neither one of you are in a hurry, and when you’re both feeling relatively relaxed—perhaps when you’re cuddling, sharing a meal, or just chatting after a satisfying sex romp. Alternatively, think about setting aside some time each week (or every two weeks, or each month) to check in with your partner on how things are going—financially, emotionally, or erotically. “Taking the temperature” of a relationship in this way helps ensure that you’re both happy with things the way they are, and that you’re both comfortable with where you’re going. And it’s an ideal time to talk about your sexual desires and fantasies. Checking in with each other regularly prevents resentment from building up in either or both of you, and lets you voice your dissatisfaction before a major blow-up takes place.


Use these techniques to start

Begin by talking about yourself. How are you feeling in the moment? Name the emotions—such as awkwardness, fear, anxiety, excitement—that arise from bringing up a new topic, or from talking about your sex life at all. As you broach the topic, take responsibility for and talk about your own feelings and desires, limitations, and fears. Even if you are feeling erotically uninspired in this relationship, take ownership in the ways that you contribute to or enable this pattern. Nobody wants to feel blamed, so try not to focus solely on what’s wrong or on what isn’t working. Instead, open the discussion by telling your partner what you love about your sex life, since a positive approach will make her or him feel comfortable, open, and ready to pay close attention to what you’re saying.


A more playful (but no less informative!) way to kick off a discussion about sex is to play a communication game called Three Oranges and a Lemon (from my friend Nancy who taught me this years ago). In it, each person tells the other three things that they love about their erotic life together, plus one thing that they’d like to do differently. For example, you might say:

“I love that you like to surprise me with new toys and sexy clothes.”

“I love how you throw me up against the wall and kiss me deeply.”

“I love the way you give me oral sex until I come.”

“And I’d love to try bondage—on both of us,” or “And I’m interested in adding some variety to our repertoire, like sex toys,” or “I’m curious about prostate play”—whatever it is that you’d like to try.


Of course, sometimes we find ourselves too nervous to initiate conversations like these because we’re afraid of how our partners will interpret them. But a little prep work before the convo starts can go a long way. Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko has developed a simple process for helping people organize their ideas and prepare what they want to articulate to their partners in a way that will encourage acceptance and understanding. Click here for his “Difficult Conversation Formula” for broaching difficult subjects.

Excerpt from Anal Sex Basics

For more communication suggestions or more information about enjoying anal pleasure, check out Carlyle Jansen’s Anal Sex Basics.


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Santa Forgot the Sex Toys! 15% off all Vibrators!

Boxing Week Sale on Sex Toys - 15% off all vibrators

Santa forgot the sex toys! Oh no!

Fear not – we’ve got you covered with our spectacular Boxing Week Sale!

December 27th – January 4th, enjoy 15%* off all vibrators in store and online using the coupon code BOXING15. Now is your chance to treat yourself to that pleasure item you’ve had your eye on. The sale applies to all our vibrator brands, including We-vibe, Lelo, JimmyJane, Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand , Doxy Wand, Fun Factory and more! If you’ve ever wanted to try remote-control vibrators or app vibrators – now is your chance to get them at a great price!

Looking for a new vibe but not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Check out Good For Her’s guide: Shopping For A Vibrator. Whether you’re shopping online or you prefer our brick-and-mortar in Toronto; we are happy to assist. Our staff is experienced and friendly, and can help you decide what vibe is right for you, whether it’s your first vibrator that you want to explore, or a new addition to your collection.
Funtoys G-Vibe2 Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator $150  $128 with coupon code BOXING15

*15% discount applies to all vibrators in stock, including: battery operated and rechargeable vibrators, vibrating penis toys, vibrating prostate massagers, vibrating rings, and vibrating butt toys. Vibrators for every body! (Please note: the Boxing week sale 15% discount excludes products already on sale

Je Joue Mio Rechargeable Vibrating Ring $120 $102 with coupon code BOXING15


Huge bonus discount on a wide selection of feminist porn on DVD. Unbelievable deals! From $10 – $19. Ask Good For Her staff for details! Or check out our online Boxing Week SALE section here No coupon code required for these deals.  

Hugo by Lelo
Lelo Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager $269 $229 with coupon code BOXING15
Image result for we-vibe rave
We-Vibe Rave Rechargeable G-spot Vibrator $142 $121 with coupon code BOXING15

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15% off Luxury Toys Sure to Please: A Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, check out our list of pleasure items sure to delight, inspire and stoke the fire!

Use coupon code Holiday15 for 15% off. Valid in store or online until Dec 24.

Check out this link for shipping times to your address.

lelo ina wave vibrator
Ina Wave by Lelo

Lelo Ina Wave Vibrator $269  $229 with coupon code Holiday15

Designed to work like fingers caressing a g-spot, this dual stimulation vibe offers new levels of pleasure! It can be used externally, and also internally, giving you the intensity of a pulsing vibrator while penetrating you with its smooth curves. Your G-spot has never had it so good.

Loki Wave by Lelo
Loki Wave by Lelo

Lelo Loki Wave Vibrating Prostate Massager $279  $238 with coupon code Holiday15

Loki Wave features a unique “come hither” motion – the first of its kind in a prostate toy!  It literally moves back and forth while you just lay back and enjoy. Powerful dual-motors deliver a variety of sensations from mild to intense.  Loki Wave is the ultimate toy for someone who’s got it all!

Rechargeable Magic Wand vibrator - formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand

Magic Wand Rechargeable $170  $145 with coupon code Holiday15

The classic Magic Wand just got even better! Now you can roam farther with your Rechargeable Magic Wand and play it at different speeds: 4 power intensities and 4 vibration patterns. It takes 3 hours to charge for 3 hours of play. Now you can start out at a lower intensity if you prefer!

Hugo by Lelo
Hugo by Lelo

Lelo Hugo Vibrating Prostate Massager $269  $229 with coupon code Holiday15

Hugo by Lelo is a remote-controlled prostate massager that elegantly elevates  sexual pleasure and offers new and exciting ways to play. Wonderful to use for solo or coupled play!

Womanizer Pro

Womanizer Pro $279  $238 with coupon code Holiday15

The Womanizer Pro in an upgraded version of the original Womanizer that has received universal acclaim and rave reviews.  The toy delivers amazing clitoral stimulation through a combination of vibration and suction.  The silicone nub is placed around the clitoris to create a seal and the pleasure escalates at a rapid pace. A fabulous pleasure alternative to regular vibrators.

We-Vibe Sync Vibrator at Good For Her
We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync $237  $202 with coupon code Holiday15

The Original We-Vibe keeps getting better! Designed to be worn during intercourse, the vibrations stimulate the clitoris and G-spot all while also feeling pleasure of thrusting. The We-Vibe Sync now is adjustable to fit any body size and shape to better stimulate the right spots and to stay in place.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibrator
Form 2 by Jimmyjane

Form 2 $170  $145 with coupon code Holiday15

This sweet, bunny-shaped toy has a separate motor in each of its flexible ears for the ultimate in external stimulation.  If you enjoy intense clitoral stimulation, it has the most powerful dual motored buzz on the market! You can place the ears on either side of the clitoris and squeeze them together or simply relax and enjoy one of the 4 vibration functions.



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Math Magazine – A Progressive Porn Quarterly

Looking for some interesting smut in magazine format? Math Magazine is what you’ve been waiting for! An independent porn
quarterly for open-minded adults. 

Headquartered in Brooklyn and made in collaboration with editors and contributors all over the world, Math Magazine illustrates new perspectives on lust, love, and sex.

From vintage films and Instagram feeds to modern art and cam sites, this new magazine includes written and photographic erotic explorations.  With a passion for re-envisioning porn through depictions of desires that are often sought but rarely seen, Math Magazine celebrates desire and sex with a special attention to quality, narrative, playfulness, nuance, passion, and variety. Math Magazine maintains a dedication to highlighting an array of genders, an assortment of bodies, and a bouquet of beauty types in every issue.

Math Magazine is passionate about finding new sexual narratives and highlighting desires and bodies too often neglected in mainstream media. As an independent, female owned business dedicated to the production of ethical, diverse, and sex–positive media,  each issue is designed to eradicate shame and encourage readers to experiment, explore, and learn about different desires.

With its discreet yet distinguished red cover, you can take your progressive porn with you anywhere without raiding eyebrows- except friendly eyebrows of those who also know what Math is really about.

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Black Friday Week!

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to indulge, the moment is here!

We are having a Black Friday sale on lots of  items from Thursday November 24- Thursday December 1st.

Check them all out here!

All We-Vibe toys are on sale:sync-purple-w-iphone-800

We-Vibe Sync: $199

We-Vibe 4Plus: $169

We-Vibe 4 App only: $125

We-Vibe Tango: $79

We-Vibe Touch: $103

We-Vibe Rave: $ 119

We-Vibe Nova: $151


Gigi 2lelo mia: $149

Mia: $95

Luna Beads: $59

Luna Beads Noir: $45

NJoy :  Pure Wand $105 as well as the Pure Plugs   Hot Octopuss Pulse Rechargeable Vibrating Sleeve

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, JeJoue Mio and Come Together penis rings

Want to come in under 3 minutes? The Womanizer will get you there at the price of $199!

xconfessions 2


Looking for something sexy to watch? Erika Lust’s first films are on super special:

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The Buck-Off FTM Stroker Has Arrived!

Perfect Fit Buck-Off

The Buck-Off FTM Stroker is the first sleeve made especially for trans guys by a trans man. Designed by trans advocate and porn star Buck Angel , this sleeve is fabulous for solo play or partner pleasure. A hand job has never been the same! Its ridges on the inside offer extra fabulous sensations on a penis/ clit/ innie. Its form-fitting closed end  creates suction. Add a little lube and it feels divine.

Works best for people who are on testosterone or who have larger genitals.


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Closer by Sarah Barmak

Closer: Notes from the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality by Sarah Barmak

Sarah Barmak attended a Learning to Orgasm workshop here at Good For Her. Over the course of 3 years, she also attended an Orgasmic Meditation demonstration and recruitment meeting, received an erotic massage, and went to Burning Man in Nevada. She read Peggy Orenstein’s book (Girls and Sex), spoke with sex coaches and average people, did lots of self-reflection and made observations on women being told that they are oversexed and that their sexuality is “not normal” ie not like men’s. She discovered that women were treating sex often like a performance, wondering if they were doing it “right” rather than a journey with many possible destinations.  In the end she discovered that “a lot of ordinary women have a bad time in bed.”

Come to a reading and Q & A facilitated by Carlyle Jansen on Sarah’s process and learning through her research. Hear what history has learned and then forgotten about women’s anatomy and pleasure. Ask Sarah what she found most surprising, interesting, sad or inspiring on her journey. Listen to her advice on finding more pleasure in your life and changing your relationship to sex- not in a how-to kind of way, but rather in a big-sister style of gentle overall advice. A fun, sexy and free night out!

We look forward to seeing you at Good For Her on Wednesday, September 21st at 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm.

Learn more about the event details here.

Purchase a copy of Closer by Sarah Barmak here.



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Anal Sex with Carlyle Jansen featured on VICE

Check out the video and article on pleasurable anal sex by Vice.

Carlyle Jansen, author of Anal Sex Basics answers questions such as

Is anal sex overrated?

What’s the number one myth about anal sex?

Isn’t it always painful?

Is there a difference in sensation for different genders?

What’s the biggest mistake that anal beginners make?

Where should beginners start?

Is there always poop when playing with the butt?

Is there a downside to anal sex?

Will it stretch out if you do too much?

What are you missing if you don’t try anal sex?

And get more info on anal sex from our YouTube video on warming up to anal sex and penetrative anal sex .

Learn more about  purchasing a butt toy.

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A Conversation with Amy Rose Spiegel about her book Action

Carlyle Jansen sat down for an interview with Amy Rose Spiegel about her life and her book Action.

Here is their conversation.

Carlyle: I really loved your statement in the introduction:  “Be loving in a new way. Love like you did not know how to love before. “Tell me more about what that means to you.

Amy Rose: Loving in a way you have not before is tied to consent, regardless of how long been with a partner. When you approach sex with fixed set of ideas, it can be limiting in terms of what you enjoy and think of self- gratifying; what you are capable of and who you are capable of being. It is about waking up every day and not thinking “This is the way it is going to go”. It is about allowing yourself to have different experiences.

Carlyle: After being in non-monogamous relationships with folks of all genders, you stated in the book that you are now in a heterosexual, monogamous relationship. What do you enjoy about being in a monogamous committed relationship?

Amy Rose: It was an adjustment mentally. Rather than assuming that sex would get boring, it is about  accepting that monogamous sex can be as deep and great. It takes more frankness. We have to really communicate deeply and do a lot of talking, which serves sex really well.  We have to be honest and frank and be reciprocal, which has been really gratifying. The conversations been different than in poly relationships because of the different boundaries and other aspects to negotiate in poly connections. Monogamous boundaries are somewhat fixed- you don’t have to renegotiate always, so you can really apply the conversations to other areas of the relationship, such as more emphasis on the acts themselves.

Carlyle: What advice would you give to someone who might want to open up their relationship?

Amy Rose: Don’t come to it like it is a big earth shaking issue and that it is something that your partner is going to freak out about. Come to it as a suggestion casually.  Explain your desires. Don’t frame it in terms of specific people you want to connect with.  Express in a broad way. State that you want to open up for “xy” reason rather than want to date a specific person.

Don’t anticipate your partner’s reaction. It takes a lot of dialogue. And don’t rush it before you do it.

Carlyle: In the book you mention your distaste of the word “sex-positive”. Can you explain more about that?

Amy Rose: The term has been useful and positive for some communities . The problem with the term sex positive is that it is exclusionary to those who have not been a part of the dialogue. Implicit is that if you are having sex and it doesn’t have terminology, you are not doing it right and thus sex negative. But really if you are being respectful and kind then the sex is ok!

Carlyle: Your book does not follow a how-to format and is not really a memoir. How would you describe it?

Amy Rose: The book is a mishmash. It is a messy book because sex is a messy thing, I wanted to write about what my experience has been so that people can feel that they can trust me. There is so much we take for granted that we think that people know. I like to break things down to bare and simple concepts, so as to not leave anyone behind and not assume what people already know.

Don’t isolate sex from the rest of life at large.

Carlyle: Do you think that teenagers would benefit from reading your book?

Amy Rose: Teenagers are reason for the book. I worked with teens at Rookie. In general we don’t talk to teens outside of safety precautions.  Many questions I heard were based on sexual anxiety. They were often coming from wellspring of internal kindness, such as “How do I know if I am doing it right for someone?” I hope that young readers are able to see that there is no such thing as doing it wrong as long as you are listening and being kind. There is no point in trying to live up to something.  There is no such thing as being bad at something as long as you have a curious heart.

The book is suggestive. It says:  “here are some things you could do, try them out if you like and add variations. Here are ways that some people have done it. “

Often teenagers ask:  “ Is it ok if…”,  looking for permission to like or desire or feel certain ways when  asking for advice. I always say that whatever you like is ok and doesn’t have to mean anything about you. They often need reassurance. They are always brave to ask for it, which often means that it has been disallowed. But it gives them options to consider- even if they never do it.

Carlyle: You use the word “Kindness” a lot. Can you elaborate on what that means to you?

Amy Rose: I mean to be kind to self and others:  not giving yourself a fixed way of being, allowing for the messy humanity of self and another’s body, not expecting to hit a certain bar or else it is necessarily bad sex, but rather allowing yourself to learn about another person and yourself. It is about not allowing yourself to try to fit into a weird cast.

Carlyle: How do you advise folks to not get caught up sex Olympics of what they can and cannot do (such as squirting or female ejaculation)  and how that measure up?

Amy Rose:  When you have a fixed goal of what a good lover is, you usually fail to reach it. Sex is not a goal to reach. And pressure is not useful to sex unless that is fun for you. If you pursue a goal you likely won’t reach it and you also won’t have fun along the way.

There are so many more options and so focusing on a specific goal means that you are cheating yourself and your partner from all those options. Squirting is fun to explore but should not be the singular focus. You’ll have a way better time if you experiment and decide that you will be ok whether squirting happens or not.

Carlyle: Tell me more about what consent means to you. For example when someone wants to stop the action to put on a condom.

Amy Rose: Consent means that you stay calm. If reaching for a condom feels like an interruption, treat it instead as a part of sex and an exciting part of the process. This way it becomes less intimidating. When you treat it that way- it becomes the norm- a sexy norm- which takes the stigma or fear out of it.

Putting on a condom is not the intermission- rather it is part of performance. It is as natural as any other part of arousal. It can be sexy. It thus becomes a natural part of communication, and even can be something great.

Carlyle: What would you suggest to someone who is afraid of rejection?

Amy Rose: If people don’t ask for consent because they are afraid of rejection, then they are not allowing their partner to have autonomous feelings. Rejection is not about you, it is about the other person.  If a partner is not into it this time, it does not mean that what you are doing or requesting is untoward or shameful.

Carlyle: What do you advise women who are nervous to initiate asking?

Amy Rose:  Assuming that the other person has to initiate every time is not really being fair. When we assume that a man has to ask, we are making assumptions. I have been with male partners who had experienced trauma.  I had to learn by getting it wrong, which changed my experience. But it has improved my sex life vastly to talk with male partners about it. It can be a kind way to approach a partner and it has blown minds of my male straight partners.

Carlyle: Do you have any final thoughts to share?

Amy Rose: Be kind and you can’t go wrong- you won’t make a mistake- you will just learn more about yourself and about the world.

I also want to be clear that part of sexuality is also not wanting to have sex. You don’t have to be “practicing” to be a sexual person, just like you can be in a straight relationship and still be queer.  Whatever you decide is a great thing.

Fucking up is how you go pro- you are going to make mistakes in all areas of life- it does not make it wrong- no one is going to come to sex with a perfect approach- we all still make mistakes- be respectful and kind–  you are just a living breathing person having experiences.



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Ten Tips to (even more) Pleasurable Anal Sex

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing your path to anal pleasure. You get to decide what you want to do and how far you want to go and when you want to stop. Wherever your adventures take you, please remember the following:

  1. Slow it down: Almost everyone who shared their experiences with me emphasized the need to slow down whatever you are doing to be able to feel, listen and enjoy the process.
  2. Consider your goals: For most of us, a primary goal of sex is pleasure. If you manage to accomplish taking in a penis/ outie, specific toy or number of fingers,good for you! But hopefully that’s not at the expense of pleasure, however you define it. Don’t concern yourself with what others can do or enjoy. There is no point in trying to compete with your peers.
  3.  Lube! For pleasure and safety, use lots of it. And then add some more. Try a few brands until you find your favorite.
  4. Start on the outside: If you plan on going inside, don’t cheat the external nerve endings of your anus out of their own pleasure. Give them some attention too to warm you up- or just because it feels great.
  5. Listen to your butt: It is smarter than you think. Don’t try to force it to do anything it doesn’t want to do or it will backfire. Pay attention to any pain, uncertainty or limits that you reach to prevent tearing or harm to your body. Don’t try to mask what your butt is saying with desensitisers.  Exert patience and practice your technique to expand those limits if you wish, but don’t forget that you’ll need your butt’s cooperation. ‎
  6. Communicate your desires: Don’t be shy to speak up about what you like and what you would prefer. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to desire and pleasure, and no shame in asking for what you want, whether it be to go, stop or change. Try to make sure you get exactly what you want!
  7. Play safe: For each activity you choose, know its risks, no matter what kind of relationship you practice. From prep to aftercare, plan out your adventure possibilities and start with the information and supplies you need to make it the best and safest possible.
  8. Invest in proper toys: Always use toys with a flared base. Ask anyone who has worked in a hospital emergency ward about items retrieved from butts. The anal sphincters rarely work perfectly afterward.
  9. Stick Around: Especially if you played internally, give your body time to respond to the stimulation.. Until you have experience with how your body reacts to butt play, it’s prudent to stay close to a bathroom.
  10. Be good to your butt: It is important to treat your butt well when you are not having sex, too. Eat well and adjust your diet if you are constipated. Don’t put off your BMs if you can help it. Attend to hemorrhoids and other health concerns. You and your butt are partners for a lifetime!

From Carlyle Jansen’s book Anal Sex Basics: The Beginner’s Guide to Maximizing Anal Pleasure for Every Body

Want to learn more? Come to a book launch for the book Anal Sex Basics to celebrate and learn some more tips!

Monday August 15th 7:30 pm at the Lansdowne Brewery. Details here.


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What is a rimming plug?

Rimming is a term for oral- anal pleasure. Whether you enjoy penetrative anal sex or not, rimming is a delightful pleasure to receive.  Some only do it after a shower, others use dental dams for safer sex, but overall those who indulge, love it. But there is one problem: unless you are a skilled yogi, you can’t do it for YOURSELF.

Enter the b-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug. Offering a pleasure slightly different than standard rimming, it not only stimulates the anus on the outside, it also tantalizes the sensitive nerve endings on the inside along the anal canal. This canal is the area with the most nerve endings and arguably the greatest amount of pleasure (other than the prostate/ perineal sponge).  The b-Vibe contains rotating beads that tease the anal canal, giving exquisite sensations. Equipped with a remote, you can change the settings easily when the base is temporarily  inaccessible (such as when sitting on your butt or when out in public). With a button also on the base, the different settings include rotations but also vibrations in the tip, vibrating the whole toy. Vibrations can carry through to the prostate, perineal sponge or even the vagina, especially when something is also inserted next door there. And it is rechargeable!

Unfortunately, the only drawback is that the b-Vibe is not for newbies. If you are new to anal sex, wait to indulge in this toy until you can work your way up to several fingers, an average penis or Woody– sized toy or a Pleasure Plug 4. While the vibrations and smooth, seamless silicone can be used to warm up the butt to its gradual  1  5/8″ width, the pleasure is better for those who already enjoy penetration with some girth.

See more images and video on the b-Vibe here.


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We’re Looking for a Manager!

Are you self-motivated and wanting to work in a socially progressive environment?

Interested in making a difference in people’s sex lives?

Looking for challenging, interesting and rewarding employment?

We’re looking for a full time manager to oversee daily operations at Good For Her.   This position entails marketing, coordinating, overseeing the store, website management, content writing, event promotion.    We also offer a competitive wage, full benefits and a collaborative and progressive working environment. Experience in sexual health/education/activism or sex work in a managerial/organizational role is an asset.

Candidates must also be self-motivated, organized,  committed to anti-oppression and feminist principles and willing to work a flexible schedule. Must be available Mon-Fri until 7pm and occasional weekends.

Good For Her is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from people of colour, trans folks, black and indigenous people, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas, and ask that applicants self-identify on their applications.

Stop by with resume and cover letter to 175 Harbord St. by  June 14th. Full job description here.

We thank individuals for applying, however, only applicants invited for interview will have their applications acknowledged.